Topics in  Geomorphology
Geology 510/610

MWF 1000-1150
Cramer Hall 69

Instructor:  Dr. Andrew G. Fountain, 725-3386

Description: This class is a seminar style, student-designed class whereby the topics covered are determined by the students.  Students will read papers from the scientific journals and present methods and results to the rest of the class.  Presumably some of the topics selected will relate to thesis work of some of the students.   Student interests will be organized into 2-4 topics of intensive study.

Prerequisites:  Graduate standing.  Although no science prerequisites are required, I presume you have a science background in order to take a graduate class in science.

Grading:  Based on class presentations and outlines of articles read, participation in class, and attendence.

Outline of Articles, please include (~1 page), in the following order:

         1. What is the problem the paper is trying to solve.
         2. What is the context? That is, by solving the problem how does it contribute to the science?
             Or, how does it move the science forward?
         3. What are the important methods applied?
         4. List the important conclusions
         5. List three questions you would like to ask in class about the paper

Readings and Schedule

DATE                    READING                                                                                                                PRESENTER                                  
Planetary Geomorphology - Mars
April 17                 Melosh 1999: Impact Cratering on Mars                                                                    Kat    PRESENTATION
                                                   - read to pg 398, incl Formation...Crater, skim the rest                                   Shana, Ira
                             Greely et al., 2000: Aeolian Processes on Mars                                                         

April 19                 Baker, 2001: Water and the Martian Landscape                                                      Shana
                             Miliken et al, 2010: Stratigraphy of Gale Crater                                                                    Kat, Phil

Terrestrial Geomorphology - Erosion/Deposition along fluvial pathways
April 24                 Moore et al., 2009: Rock Strength and Cliff Erosion                                               Matt L   PRESENTATION
                             Hales and Roering, 2007: Climate Controls on Frost Cracking                                              Chris, Matt P.,

April 26                 Montgomery 2002: Glacial and Fluvial Erosion of Mountains                                 Justin O  PRESENTATION
                             Koppes & Montgomery 2009: Glacial and Fluvial Erosion of Mountains                                Courtney, Lauren.
                             Egholm et al., 2009: Glacial Effects Limiting Mountain Height

May 1                   Mitchell & Montgomery 2006: Glacial Buzzsaw                                                      Lauren   PRESENTATION
                             Moon et al., 2011: Climate Controlled Erosion                                                                     Matt, Mason

May 3                   Sharp, et al., 1999: Bacterial Activity Under Glaciers                                              Gunnar   PRESENTATION
                             Wadhams, et al. 2010: Biological Processes Under Ice                                                         Shana, Justin O

May 8                   Stock&Dietrich 2006:_ErosionByDebrisFlows                                                      Matt P   PRESENTATION
                                                                                                                                                                        Matt L, Charlie

May 10                 May and Gresswell2003_Sediment & Wood Headwater Streams                            Cullen   PRESENTATION
                             Montgomery et al., 2003: Debris Flows, Log Jams, and Poolst a                                          Sara, Courtney.

May 15                 Howard, 1998: Long Profile Bedrock Channels                                                            Ira   PRESENTATION
                             Montgomery et al., 1996: DistributionBedrock&AlluvialChannels                                         Sara, Cullen

May 17                McLaughry&Gaylord2004_InfillWhiteLakeBasin                                                        Phil    PRESENTATION
                            CummingsEtAl2000_StratigraphicEvolutionORIDGraben                                                      Esther, Justin H.

May 22                Dorn, 2009:_Alluvial Fan & Climate Change                                                            Esther   PRESENTATION
                            Bacon et al., 2010: Alluvial Fans & Climate Change                                                              Mason, Phil

May 24                Fisher, 1990: Pyroclastic Surge Mt St Helens                                                       Courtney   PRESENTATION
                            Major et al., 2000: Long Term Mt St Helens Sediment Transport                                           Esther, Charlie.

May 29                Davis, et al. 2012: ConstantCosmogenicNuclideConcentrationsSandNile                 Charlie   PRESENTATION
                            Dunne, et al. 1998: ExchangesOfSedimentAmazon                                                                Kat, Matt P.

May 31                PetersonEtAl2007_ORduneSheets                                                                            Sarah   PRESENTATION
                            CunninghamEtAl2011_StormSurgeDataFromCoastalDunes                                                   Cullen, Ira.

May 31                WibergEtAl2001 Sediment Transport - Palos Verdes Shelf                                         Chris   PRESENTATION
                            AshtonEtAl2001 Large-scale Instabilities Shoreline                                                                Gunnar, Justin H.

June  5                 Lopes&Mix2009_CordilleranPleistoceneMegafloodNortheastPacific                       Mason   PRESENTATION
                            Lesemann&Brennand, 2009: SubglacialHydrologyCordilleranIceSheet                                   Justin O, Lauren

June  7                 ShippEtAl1999_PlestoceneHolocenRetreatWestAntarctica                                   Justin H   PRESENTATION
                            Carter et al., 2009: SubglacialHydrologyAntarctica                                                               Chris, Gunnar